Thanksgiving 2020

Dear Members and Friends,

On this Thanksgiving Day, when we are prompted to reflect on all for which we have to be thankful, I am reminded of this speech that I gave at our last Thanksgiving Gala. (attached).

In that speech, I spoke about how humanity, although far from perfect, has never been in such a good situation and therefore we should give thanks for that.

The world has changed quite a bit since then but I still believe that we have huge things for which to be thankful. If we compare the impact of the coronavirus with the previous global pandemics such as the Spanish flu and the bubonic plague in the middle ages, which wiped out a third of the world's population, we see that although things are indeed trying at this point; we are nevertheless in a privileged position.

I certainly feel that and I am grateful for the friendship and support of all our members and friends and indeed for the entire community in Gibraltar.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,


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