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Impressive Percentage of Qualified Young People

Although a small territory, Gibraltar has an impressive percentage of qualified young people. In Gibraltar, due to the educational system, students go to study in UK after they finish high school. This means that all the Gibraltarian youth is bilingual (Spanish-English) and many of them also speak Arab and/or other European languages such as Italian or French.

Gibraltar Graduates

Due to Gibraltar´s main economic focus on the IT, e-gaming, and financial services industries, most Gibraltarian students graduate from IT, engineering, economics or law studies.

  • Rsm
  • Xerox
  • Resolve Marine Services
  • Blands
  • Bdo
  • Isolas
  • Capurro
  • Blands International
  • Deloitte
  • Callaghan
  • Astralship
  • Gibtelecom
  • Gibunco
  • Gibdock
  • Sunborn
  • Century 21
  • Continent8
  • Srgeurope
  • Itek
  • Bassadone Motors
  • Ey Gibraltar
  • Imagegraphics
  • Gedime
  • Gibraltarportauthortiy
  • Formaco
  • Hassans
  • Worldtradecenter
  • Giboil
  • Mhbland
  • Bassadone Automative