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Gibraltar Chronicle: ‘Bet on entrepreneurs’, Juan Verde tells Gibraltar

Gibraltar must “bet on its entrepreneurs” and foster innovation to remain competitive in a global economy, US corporate and political advisor Juan Verde said yesterday.

Drawing from past experiences where innovative ideas have boosted political campaigns in which he has been involved, Mr Verde called President Barack Obama a true entrepreneur and detailed why Hillary Clinton was unable to clinch the title of president.

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The Advanced Leadership Foundation

Our mission is to train and empower the next generation of global leaders.

Our Goal: The Advanced Leadership Foundation's goal is to create a network of global future leaders who will gain the skills and experiences needed to benefit their economies, companies, communities and their countries.

The Foundation accomplishes this in the following ways:

  • We connect governments wanting to send their best and brightest to the United States.
  • We connect companies wishing to recruit top students to build their future success.
  • We connect young professionals working to gain experience and build community with like-minded colleagues.

Why it Matters

The world economy currently struggles with a "skills gap." Even with high unemployment across the globe, employers battle to find highly-qualified professionals with the skills needed to thrive in the global economic marketplace. One recent study noted more than 50% of CEOs were concerned that a skill set gap could limit their growth prospects. This gap can have negative consequences for young professionals unable to fulfill their potential and for companies unable to find or maintain their competitive edge. Equipping leaders with hands-on and pragmatic experience has the potential to impact organizations, companies and the world.

We Need to Bridge the Gap

We are committed to address this global skills gap and to be the bridge for young professionals globally and for companies looking for tomorrow’s leaders to meet today’s challenges.

Visit advancedleadershipfoundation.org to learn more.

GBC: "Gib AmCham 'Unworried' by Trump Election Win"

The President of the Gibraltar America Chamber of Commerce says he not at all concerned about trade links between Gibraltar and the US.

Donald Trump has declared that he wants to do away with trade deals with Europe, however, James Lazry has pointed out that Mr Trump wants to strengthen the relationship with the UK, and AmCham is close to solidifying a syndication with Amcham UK, so this could in fact be good news.

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